The practical benefits of diversity and inclusion have been heavily researched and understood for some time. Drivers including access to an improved talent pool, higher staff retention, improved productivity, better products and services, increased innovation and reduced risk have been shown to improve business outcomes.  

For corporates, this can be measured in higher profits and return on equity. For other organisations, it is about better outcomes for the diverse communities they serve.

We build inclusion

We build Inclusion

World-class content

The beating heart of the SBS Inclusion Program is a large and growing library of high-quality short films which tell real stories, make complex information accessible to all and provide actionable things people can do on a day-to-day basis.

Practical resources

Our films are complemented by practical resources which include assessments, self-reflection questions, activities (both online and face-to-face), glossaries, further readings and links to relevant information.

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Start your pathway to better diversity and inclusion today

Whether you’re looking to enhance your own knowledge, train others or become a champion for inclusion and belonging in the workplace, the Inclusion Program provides individuals and organisations with the training they need to navigate and engage in an increasingly diverse society.

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Trusted collaborators

Our program has been built in collaboration with an ecosystem of leading organisations to ensure that it continues to reflect the latest research, tells real stories and is highly engaging and practical on a day-to-day basis. The ecosystem is evolving and includes ACON Pride in Diversity, Australian Network on Disability, The Benevolent Society, Carbon Creative, Champions of Change Coalition, Diversity Council Australia, Every Age Counts, Randstad RiseSmart and University of Queensland.

Accessibility for all

Our courses are designed with accessibility as a priority, and can be viewed on a wide range of devices. Closed captions, accessible transcripts, keyboard navigation, and high contrast text/backgrounds are some of the accessibility features. They support Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA and have undergone real-life testing by assistive technology users.

Regularly updated information

We regularly receive feedback and are continually making changes to the content and to how we service customers. We see our role as helping organisations to meet the challenges of diversity and inclusion and look forward to working with them to solve problems.

Flexible delivery

Access to the program is available through a number of flexible plans and options that are scalable and cost-effective for people and businesses of all sizes and needs. Scale, embed and sustain inclusion across your business.

How will your organisation benefit?



According to Deloitte, companies that have diversity in the workforce experience 2.3x higher cash flow per employee.1



A study by Gartner found that team performance increased by 30% in organisations with diverse and inclusive cultures.2



In a study by BCG, organisations with culturally diverse management saw a 19% increase in revenue compared to those with less diverse leaders.3

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do not believe their managers are working towards an inclusive workplace environment.4



consider an organisation’s diversity during the application process.5



believe their companies need to improve diversity within their workforce.6

The demand is clear

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Deliver our scalable, world-class training to make your organisation a place where people want to be

Imagine an organisation which is truly inclusive of all types of diversity in its own teams and in the communities and customers it serves. Imagine what they must have learned and what skills they have developed to get there. Then build a program to help deliver that knowledge and those skills to a large portion of the workforce. That is the SBS Inclusion Program.

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An SBS Inclusion Program team member will contact you to discuss your requirements.

The Inclusion Program is Australia’s leading online inclusion training course helping companies embrace diversity and promote a safe and happy workplace.

Learn through engaging and easy-to-understand content delivered as short films, animations and interviews featuring real stories from a diverse range of people. Extend your understanding through interactive activities and access to further readings and links.

The Inclusion Program training is scalable, cost-effective, and can be delivered to employees by:

  • Web browser
  • Learning Management System (LMS) as SCORM files 
  • Blended learning


  • Core Inclusion which focuses on core inclusion skills and knowledge which can apply to any type of diversity and which provides a strategic foundation for inclusion of different diversity streams.

  • Six diversity stream courses providing specific
    skills and knowledge: 
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
    • Culture
    • LGBTIQ+
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Disability.
  • Appropriate Workplace Behaviour 
    • Meet legal obligations around discrimination under the Australian Fair Work Act
    • Up to date and engaging 
    • Replaces traditional Equal Employment Opportunity courses (typically delivered as mandatory training).

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